Welcome to django-reviews’s documentation!


To install just do:

  1. python setup.py install or easy_install django-reviews
  2. Add reviews to INSTALLED_APPS.
  3. Add django-reviews’ urls to urls.py
  4. Add django.core.context_processors.request to TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS (If it isn’t already).


There are several settings which you can use within settings.py:


If True the admin has to publish a review manually. Otherwise a review is public right after it has been added.


If True a preview is displayed to the user before he can submit the review.


If True the e-mail field of the review is mandatory. (if the user is anonymous)


If True the name field of the review is mandatory. (if the user is anonymous)


Add the provided tags to your templates:

{% load reviews_tags %}

        <title>{{ flatpage.title }}</title>
        {{ flatpage.content }}
        {% average_for_instance flatpage %}

        {% reviews_for_instance flatpage %}



There is a simple example provided with this product.

To install it just make sure django.contrib.flatpages has been installed (a flatpage will serve as our test content) and add reviews.example to INSTALLED_APPS.

Now add a flatpage and browse to it. You should be able to add reviews to the flatpage now.

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